Sexual Abuse


Child and Adolescent Therapy Program

The ISAT Child and Adolescent Phase Program and Treatment Plan was developed to help children and teens who have been sexually abused in their journey toward recovery and healing.  Through this program, children and adolescent survivors of sexual abuse receive services in an outpatient setting. Treatment includes individual, group and family therapy in a safe, comforting environment. Our goal is to help children and families grow, heal, and move forward in their lives. 


“Mankind owes it to the child the best it has to give.” 

– United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse Therapy Program

ISAT provides services to adult survivors of sexual abuse, including individual and group therapy, with couples and family therapy when appropriate. The treatment program is designed to provide a safe environment where individuals can begin the healing process and move forward with their lives. Therapists are trauma-informed and can help clients manage anxiety, fear, and depression often associated with sexual abuse. Through treatment, we can help clients overcome these symptoms and guide them through the process of grief and healing. 

Youth with Sexual Behavior Problems Treatment Program

The ISAT treatment program for juveniles who have offended sexually is a strengths-based program focusing on the link between a juvenile’s well-being and the reduction of risk for further offending. The program is structured in levels with goals and recommended treatment issues to be addressed. Therapists are credentialed through the Utah Network on Juveniles Offending Sexually (NOJOS) and are trained to help youth develop an understanding of feelings, accountability, empathy, thinking errors, and boundaries. Individual, group and family therapy are provided. Through treatment, clients are empowered to utilize their own strengths and challenge negative self-talk as they progress toward a Good Life. ISAT currently has a contract with Utah 3rd District Juvenile Court to provided treatment for youth on State supervision.

ISAT also provides treatment to younger children who have acted out sexually. Through this treatment program, children can develop an understanding of their sexual behavior and resolve related issues. The program is structured in levels with individualized goals and objectives. Individual, group and family therapy are provided.

Treatment Program for Court Involved Clients

ISAT offers programs for adults needing treatment for sexual offending behavior. Each program is structured around a level system and treatment plan based on risk, need, responsivity principles. The programs include an outpatient treatment program requiring weekly individual and group attendance, a more intensive treatment program involving structured time onsite working on treatment assignments, and a special needs treatment program for clients with certain circumstances that affect treatment responsivity. Treatment programs are available to both male and female individuals. The ISAT treatment programs are designed to involve not only the court-involved client, but also various family members, significant others and those individuals affected by the inappropriate and illegal sexual behavior. Individual, group, couples, and family therapy are provided, as well as psychoeducational skills courses. Therapists providing services are credentialed through the Utah Department of Corrections and are trained to help clients learn and meaningfully internalize treatment concepts such as accountability, empathy, thinking errors, and boundaries.